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Missionary Wet Wipes

These are missionary wet wipes planned and designed exclusively for the missionary works of churches.

* Quality fabric of smooth and good touch, which contains anti-bacterial crude liquid treated with PCMX, protects skin from a variety of contaminations.
* They come in handy anytime anywhere in case of an outing, travelling, and exercising.
* Using pure purified water passed through six-step purification process, they are alcohol free, fluorescence free, formaldehyde free, and little irritating wet wipes.
* They are newly designed for 2009 model, and extra sticker labels for promotional information of a church are available.

Product Specification&Pricing
Product Specification
Product Specification Fabric Size Label Size Quantity Unit Price of
General Type
Unit price of
Luxury Type
Basic 10piece type
Quality Fabric
PCMX Containing
145*200mm 90*55mm 1,000piece 200won 230won
2,000piece 210won 220won
3,000piece 200won 210won
4,000piece 190won 200won
5,000piece 180won 190won

* Design, printing, and delivery are offered free of charge. (No extra charge but the product price excluding VAT)
* Manufacturing Time: It takes three to six days after the design is fixed.

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