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Welcome to the website of C&Tech Co., Ltd.

C&Tech Co., Ltd., located in Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, has steadily been growing to be a ?˜Health & Beauty Specialty Company?? and making efforts to be the enterprise recognized not only by the domestic market but also by the global market.

Our company has constantly invested in R&D of the pouch for cosmetic samples since the early 2000s, establishing Korea?™s largest product lines for cosmetic sample, and been taking the lead at developing the specialized skin care business such as sheet masks, nose strips, hydrogel, and patch cosmetics.

Nasal Strips and Finger Teeth Wipes with material patent have established themselves as health care items causing a great sensation in overseas market. Also we are aiming at the launching of various function products by combining wet wipes and skin care.

In order to solidify the foundation for ?˜Health & Beauty Specialty Enterprise?? , we set consistent product development and R&D investment as the priority of our business management. We possess many invention patents, registered trademarks, and design patents, and have constructed the image of ?˜Technology C&Tech??with ISO 9001 Certification, ISO 14001 Certification, FDA Registry, and Safety Approval of the wet wipes, etc.

In addition, beginning with receiving ?˜one million dollar export trophy??in 2006, C&Tech was honored by winning a venture enterprise certificate, designation as a promising export firm, a citation for an excellent venture enterprise, and ?˜three million dollar export trophy?? etc.

C&Tech will fulfill what customers want with all sincerity and heart, taking perfect quality and best service as the supreme value for the company.

We will do our best to win the love of both domestic and overseas customers through perfectly harmonizing the independent brand, OEM production, domestic demand and export, R&D and product development.

Park Han-uk CEO, C&Tech Co., Ltd.

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C&Tech Co., Ltd / CEO: Park Han-uk / Business Registry No.: 124-86-14541 / On-line Business Registry No.: Yeoksam Je Ho

Seoul Office: 2F Philcom Bldg., 746-18, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul-si

Head Office/Factory: 237-2, Songsan-ri, Yanggam-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Geonggi-do