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* Baby wet wipes

Baby wet wipes

Wet Wipes exclusively for a baby, taking care of a baby?ôs delicate skin to keep them clean

* Quality fabric of smooth and good touch, which contains mild crude liquid treated with aloe, and vitamin E, keeps skin clean and protects it from a variety of contaminations.
* Using pure purified water passed through six-step purification process, they are alcohol free, fluorescence free, formaldehyde free, and little irritating wet wipes.
* Manufacturing of a concept product with additives of PCMX(anti-bacterial crude liquid) and olive oil is available.
* In case of meeting the minimum printing quantity, it is possible to produce with OEM design.

Example of Products
Example of Products
Category Supplying Specification Available Remarks
Fabric * Specification
Spun lace 30g, 40g, 48g, 55g, 60g, 70g and others
Pure Cotton 60g, 80g
Air Laid(natural pulp) 40g, 60g
* Size: 150*200mm, 180*200mm
* No. of Sheets: 10, 20, 30, 50, 80, 100, and others
Manufacturing in
one sheet
packaging is possible.
(Size : 75*180mm)

Spun lace
(Layon 70% + PET 30%)
Contents * Manufacturing of anti-bacterial wet wipes treated with PCMX is available.
* Treating with olive oil, rice bran, cream, and natural extracts is available.
Fragrance, No Fragrance
Packaging Type * Sticker Type: Film + Label Sticker
* Cap Type: Film + Sticker + Plastic Cap( Cap size: 120*80mm)
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