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* Facial mask

Facial mask

Sheet Type Mask Pack

* This is a facial essence sheet mask of sealed packing after face-shaped sheets got soaked with make-up liquid. Because sheet type efficiently transfers effective components of cosmetics to skin, the skin change after the application can be immediately felt, and there is no extra need to wash the face.
Depending on sheet fabric, contents, packaging film shape, and packaging method, the product can be diversified. (Refer to the table below.)

We have various shapes of convexities for sheet fabric, and if necessary we can make a new convexity for the shape a customer wants.

Sheet Mask

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process

Example of Products
Example of Products
Category Supplying Specification Available Remarks
Sheet Fabric Fabric Kind * General Non-woven Fabric (Spunlace) : 55g, 60g, 75g, 80g
* Pure Cotton Non-woven Fabric (Cotton) : 60g, 80g
* Natural Pulp(Pulp) : 40g
* Microfiber: 70g, 90g
* Coated Fabric: Loess coating, Green tea coating, Mud coating, PU(Polyurethane), PE(Polyethylene)
Shape of Fabric * All-in-one Type: Containing ten shapes
* Discrete Type: Separated top and bottom
* Others: Neck shape, T zone shape, U zone shape, and Eye zone shape, etc.
Sheet Mask
Sheet Fabric By Function * For moisturizing, nutrition, whitening, resilience, anti-aging, herbal treatment, and for men, etc.  
By Extracts * Fruits & Plants: green tea, aloe, cucumber, royal jelly, ginseng steamed red, olive, pearl, potato, lemon, pomegranate, and many others
* Herb & aroma: lavender, chamomile, tea tree, peppermint, rosemary, freesia, and others
* Others: collagen, arbutin, Q10, milk, choco cacao, and others
Shape of Packaging Film General Type * Rectangular Form: General type
* Rounded rectangular: Four angles of a rectangular are rounded.
Shaped Mask The shapes of packaging film are diversified to enhance the aesthetic visual effect.
(Ex.: Bottle shape, container shape, face shape, etc.)
Sheet Mask
Shaped Mask By bisecting the film, each of them has different shape of fabric.  
Packaging Type Bulk The method of bulk packaging in carton and in-box
(Ex.: 100 units/in-box, 800 units/carton)
Unit Box The method to separately package fixed quantity in a unit box
(Ex.: 5 units/Unit Box)
Poly Bag The method to separately package in a poly bag instead of a unit box (Ex.: 10 units/poly bag)  



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