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Cylinder Type Wet Wipes

You can pick a sheet of wet tissue one by one out of the cylinder type container.

* The product can be applied to a variety of uses for washing cleaners (cars, general washing, furniture, anti-fog, glass, and multi-purpose, etc.), pets, make-up, and cleansing, etc. It is suitable for the products containing 70 sheets or more.
* Using pure purified water passed through six-step purification process, they are alcohol free, fluorescence free, formaldehyde free, and little irritating wet wipes.
* In case of meeting the minimum printing quantity, it is possible to produce with OEM design.

Example of Products
Example of Products
Category Supplying Specification Available Remarks
Fabric * Fabric Specification
Spun lace 35g, 40g and others
MB non-woven fabric: 30g, 35g

* Size: 140*190mm
* No. of Sheets: 40, 50, 70, 100, 120, 150 and others
Contents * For general cleaning
Auto Wipes, Furniture Wipes, Glass Wipes, Household Wipes, Anti-fog Wipes and others

* For Pets: Pet Wipes
* Make-up Cleansing
Fragrance, No Fragrance
Packaging Type * Cylinder Container(Small): Suitable for 40~70 sheet product
* Cylinder Container(Large): Suitable for 100~150 sheet product
* Elliptic Cylinder: Suitable for 100~120 sheet product

?»If necessary, silicone can be added to the fabric discharging part in order for the fabric to be cut off smoothly
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