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* Disposable wipes

Disposable wipes

Wet wipes planned and designed for public relations, sales promotion, free gifts

* Quality fabric of smooth and good touch, which contains anti-bacterial crude liquid treated with PCMX, protects skin from a variety of contaminations.
* Using pure purified water passed through six-step purification process, they are alcohol free, fluorescence free, formaldehyde free, and little irritating wet wipes.
* They come in handy anytime anywhere in case of an outing, travelling, and exercising.
* They are newly designed for 2009 model, and extra sticker labels for promotional contents are available.

Product Specification
Product Specification
The number of sheets Fabric Size Label Size Fabric Material Remarks
10sheets 145*200mm 90*55mm General Type/
Luxury Type
Adding such fragrance
as aloe and lemon is available
20sheets 145*200mm 90*55mm General Type/
Luxury Type
30sheets 145*200mm 90*55mm General Type/
Luxury Type
Product Specification
Quantity 10sheets 20sheets 30sheets
General Luxury General Luxury Luxury
1,000piece 220won 230won 400won 420won 540won
2,000piece 210won 220won 390won 410won 530won
3,000piece 200won 210won 380won 400won 520won
4,000piece 190won 200won 350won 370won 480won
5,000piece 180won 190won 330won 350won 460won

* Design, printing, and delivery are offered free of charge. (No extra charge but the product price excluding VAT)
* Manufacturing Time: It takes three to six days after the design is fixed. (Separate consultation is needed in case of mass printing.)
* Exclusive Printing: In case of mass printing 50,000 units or more, an exclusive design is offered to maximize the brand image for a company.
The number of sheets and the materials can be chosen by customers. (Eight to twelve days are taken to produce after fixing design)

Sample Image

Sample Image1 Sample Image2 Sample Image3

In-box (unit box) type Wet Wipes

* The special offer product only by C&Tech
* It is suitable for posh sales promotion/free gifts including apartment sales. (Usually the thirty-sheet product is favored.)
* Manufacturing of minimum 10,000 units offers the design on the front side.
* Two ten-sheet units can be put in a box.
(On condition of minimum 20,000 uints)

In-box (unit box) type Wet Wipes



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